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What is a rolling code?

Earlier garage door openers used to use a dip switch, which created hundreds of various security codes. This was primarily to prevent other system interference rather than as a security measure. Unfortunately, it was possible for potential intruders to record the code and use it later to gain entry. Garage Door Repair San Carlos says this is no longer the case. The majority of opener systems today use rolling code technology. This generates new codes from a billion possibilities every time the opener system is used, to increase security protection.

Can I open my garage door when there is a power outage?

This can vary depending on the particular model of your system. Garage Door Repair San Carlos suggests you locate your emergency release cord. This is a red cord which you should find near the overhead opener. When the door is shut, pulling this cord will release the door from the opener to allow you manual operation. However, unless your system has a form of emergency release lock, you will be unable to open the door when outside the garage.

Can I have my garage door custom made?

There is always the possibility of having a garage door custom made but you must be prepared to pay something extra. Garage Door Repair San Carlos would suggest taking a look of the existing door panels before you order bespoke doors because the garage door prices would significantly increase. Of course, you will have the chance of mixing materials and make personal combinations but still there are plenty of choices on the market.

How can I decorate my garage door?

Today, there are several ways to transform the appearance of your garage doors. For starters, you can paint them in a completely different color. If they are sectional doors, you could replace a section with a different material or color. You could also install garage door windows or stick specially made posters. If you consider replacing it, you can consider getting glass doors!

How long do openers last?

The longevity of garage door openers depends on use, frequency of maintenance, brand and whether there was sufficient horsepower for the weight of the door. As an average, they will last for about twenty years and if you maintain and update its features in the meantime, you may also keep it for more than 25 years.


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